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          创新和商业化 (I&C) is responsible for the protection, marketing, and licensing of campus created inventions and intellectual property (patents, copyrights, know-how, etc.). The mission of I&C is to serve its internal and external clients through education and collaboration, acting as a bridge to industry to make 500万彩票网 technologies and innovations available to humankind. I&C’s vision is to be known internally as a facilitator of commercialization and entrepreneurship and externally as a standard for tech transfer offices. 500万彩票网's diverse faculty and research expertise naturally expound innovation and collaboration possibilities that could provide industry partners the technological winning edge in the marketplace.



          • 评估的研究成果是否申请专利,并通过了专利申请程序浏览你的技术

          • 保护知识产权,同时保护学术优先,利益和价值观

          • 有效地转移发现和发明从实验室到商业开发

          • 产生与研究赞助新源工业合作伙伴的合作

          • 市场并成功许可技术

          • 监测的研究和许可协议,以确保您的技术的开发和商业化

          • 通过帮助发现和获得资金建立你的初创公司,把管理团队到位,等等。

          techfw @乌塔

          乌塔和techfw创建了一个称为战略合作伙伴关系techfw @呗。此次合作通过提供面向我校提出培育创新免费节目,活动和服务供应乌塔教职员工和学生。如果你有一个想法或发明已经,这些产品将帮助您和学校了解其在市场中的价值,如何启动和发展公司周围的发明或帮助建立商业途径。


          The Small Business Innovation 研究, or SBIR, and Small 商业 Technology Transfer, or STTR, programs are Congressionally mandated programs that require eligible government agencies to set aside a portion of their budget to encourage small businesses to engage in R&D that has a high potential for commercialization. The SBIR and STTR programs provide qualified small businesses, including faculty startups, with opportunities to propose innovative R&D projects that meet specific federal needs. Each program requires a highly competitive award process; that is, not all small business applicants receive funds, and those that do get money, must show potential for commercialization.



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